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Petal Power, Many Flowers Have What It Takes To Hydrate, Soothe And Even Heal Skin.

Dioscorides wasn’t the first to recognize that flowers are more than pretty petals and pleasing scents. Ancient Romans used blossoms of calendula (a relative of the marigold) in wine to calm upset stomachs, and calendula petals were used in ointments to soothe skin and eye irritations and toothaches. The Romans also prized lavender’s healing and antiseptic effects on the skin—not to mention the flower’s relaxing aroma, which is still used in aromatherapy.

Today, the time-honored use of flowers to pamper, heal and improve skin continues. When you’re in the market for a new lotion, toner or other skin care product, check the ingredients to see if flowers are listed. A veritable garden variety of flowers can be found in topical beauty treatments, and each bloom-based ingredient is included to achieve specific results. Flowers such as rose, chamomile and lavender are key components of Maris skincare products.

How fitting that such beautiful products of nature have the power to beautify us as well.


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Maris Around The World In 10 Minutes

Take an aromatic tour of some of the world’s most beautiful places—all without leaving your bathroom! Maris Naturals is a wonderfully luxurious line of bath and body products that features 100% natural oils and extracts inspired by Africa, India, Morocco and other exotic places. Soaps, gels, scrubs, and a decadently rich cream, work together to cleanse, exfoliate and soften your skin, leaving behind a subtle, luscious scent. Close your eyes, inhale, and be transported. Our favorite blend? Bali Vanilla!


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Editor’s Blog: Product Picks

Maris uses high-quality natural and organic essential oils and fragrances for its small batch of lovely products. I am not a big body cream user, but I’m hooked on Maris’ Grapefruit Mimosa Body Creme—in addition to shea butter, herbs, lavender water, and grapefruit essential oils, the cream includes orange wax, a natural wax derived from orange rinds that is purported to protect human skin in much the same way it protects the skin of an orange. It makes the skin look, feel, and smell amazing.

—Amy Westervelt, senior editor,