Exquisite Scents

MARIS has a passion for beautiful, natural scents.  MARIS uses high quality essential oils and rare absolutes to naturally scent all of the MARIS line.  These scent blends are never adulterated with synthetics or phthalates*because we believe in making only safe beautiful products that you will love.  The scent blends include Bali Vanilla, Eucalyptus, Fleurs, Grapefruit Mimosa, Malaba r https://time4essays.com


Jasmine, Night Blooms, and Verbena Noir.

MARIS Exquisite Scents key notes and origins for each blend:

Bali Vanilla is a complex blend of sandalwood, jasmine, vanilla bean, ylang-ylang, cardamom, blood orange, cinnamon, clove bud and massoia other essential oils.  The sandalwood is grown in Java, the cinnamon, vanilla bean and ylang-ylang are grown in Madagascar, the blood orange
is grown in Israel, the jasmine is grown in India.

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 The massoia is grown in Indonesia.

Eucalyptus is a cool blend of eucalyptus, lavandin, owyhee, ravintsara, niaouli and other essential oils.  The eucalyptus is a the globulus variety which is also known a Tasmanian blue gum native to Tasmania and southeastern Australia.  Lavandin, a cousin to lavender, is grown in France and has similar scent to lavender.  Owyhee is wildcrafted in the United States, it is full of esters (85%) and has a strong fruity scent with herbal spice back notes.  Ravintsara is organically grown in Madagascar, is similar to Eucalyptus in molecular makeup and scent.

Fleurs is a feminine blend featuring several flower oils that are grown in France.  Linden Blossom is a sweet and rare flower oil. The Linden Blossoms are grown in France. Mimosa is also grown in France and produces a warm woodsy floral note. Bourbon rose is grown in the hills of southwestern India.  Jasmine is also grown in India and is a beautiful exotic floral.  Other oils include geranium and organic clove bud from Madagascar, organic lavender from Bulgaria, and petitgrain from Italy.

Grapefruit Mimosa is a bright, light blend with pink grapefruit and lime oil which are both grown in the United States.  The citrus notes are blended with the softer floral notes of mimosa and linden blossom both from France.  Other oils include lemon myrtle from Australia, ylang-ylang and organic ginger root from Madagascar, and vetivert root from Java.

Tiare Flower Collection is comprised of the Malabar Jasmine Bath & Body Oil, the Verbena Noir Body Oil and the Nightblooms Body Serum.  The Tiare Flower Bath and Body Oils can be layered with the Tiare Flower Body Serum for an extra boost of moisture and scent.  Real tiare flowers are used to infuse the oils and serum with a tropical floral scent.

The tiare flowers are blended with coconut oil and macerated.  The tiare flowers are skimmed away from the coconut oil leaving it lightly scented. This process is called enfleurage and it creates monoi oil.  The monoi oil is made in Tahiti and imported for the MARIS Tiare Flower Collection.

Malabar Jasmine is a classic floral that marries Jasmine “King of Scents” with Bourbon Rose “Queen of Scents”.  The jasmine and bourbon rose are both produced  in India along the Southwestern coast formally known as the Malabar Coast.  Bisabolol wood oil adds a woodsy floral note and is grown in Brazil.  Linden blossom from France and organic ylang-ylang from Madagascar intensify the floral scent.

Nightblooms scent features plumeria, jasmine and bourbon rose all from southwestern India.  Organic vanilla and organic ylang-ylang is from Madagascar, massoia bark oil is from Indonesia. The scent includes two types of jasmine, jasmine grandiflorum and jasmine sambac.  Both jasmines scent are strongest at nighttime, hence the name Nightblooms.  The plumeria is a familiar flower to those who travel to the Hawaiian Islands.  It is the flower most often used in making leis. The Nightblooms tropical scent is like paradise in a bottle.

Verbena Noir is a happy citrus with undertones of exotic flowers.  The verbena oil is a bright citrus scent and is grown in Morocco.  It is combined with pink grapefruit from the United States and litsea cubeba from China to form the citrus notes.  Underlying notes of jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang create an exotic blend.