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Mary Irving

Maris has a passion for beautiful, natural fragrances. Maris uses luxury quality essential oils and absolutes in each fragrance blend. These blends are never adulterated with synthetics or phthalates, because we believe in making only safe beautiful products that you will love.

The fragrance blends contain some of the most expensive essential oils and absolutes available. For example, it takes twenty thousand pounds of roses to produce just one pound of rose oil. This is a costly process, but it also yields one of nature’s most incredible scents. In addition, the Bulgarian Rose oil used in Maris products is certified organic.

Maris believes in using superior ingredients that make

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a difference. The soaps contain a rich shea butter that creates a creamy lather. The bath and shower gels are made with skin softening extracts that cleanse without drying out the skin. The body scrubs have spa grade salts and clays to gently exfoliate. The body crèmes are blended with both shea butter and botanical orange wax for intensive moisturizing.

These are just a few of the products that are currently offered under the Maris brand. There will be more beautifully scented body products coming soon! paper writingessay writing service